England. How many images and associations there with you, when you hear the name of one of the most amazing countries in the world?
The image of Albion from the Thames and hazy grandeur of Big Ben, Baker Street, with its mysterious history, the prim ladies and gentlemen, with the indispensable bowler hat, and cane, Hyde Park and the double-decker buses scarlet, the sounds of «The Beatles»? List of images can be continued, but for us, England — is, first of all, the English Bulldog! Greatness, independence, loving, power, self-reliance, loyalty, infinitely deep inner peace — only a fraction of the bulldog traits. And yet, the triumph of victory and joy of communication.
On our site we want to invite you into the world of amazing and wonderful friend of man — a real gentleman of the dog world — the English Bulldog. We will introduce you to our dogs, talk about the exciting journey that may never have taken place, do not be with us the Bulldog! We hope to share with you, dear friends, a particle of the love that lives in our family between people and bulldogs.
Welcome to the wonderful and beautiful creatures — the English Bulldog. We wish you a pleasant and informative show!
Owner of Kennel
Andrey Kornienko
I am ready to answer any your questions about the care, maintenance, cultivation of English bulldog.
You can contact me at the specified coordinates.
+7 (921) 935 0124